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Platinum In Phuket

Sober Services is proud to offer our Platinum Rehab option. We have been offering Platinum, our bespoke individual Rehab services since 2008. We’re based on the gorgeous Island of Phuket, Southern Thailand, though we’re able to navigate around the world and create a beautiful Platinum experience for you wherever you prefer. We just prefer Phuket.

Platinum is an Individualised (person centred) Care Program, that’s carefully considered based upon your specific requirements and budget. We will select a beautiful villa (or equivalent) for you to live in and then build the complete recovery program around you. We provide you with your own live-in personal Sober Companion / Recovery Coach, who works alongside the Addiction Specialist Therapists, as well as a Holistic Team including Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist with other staff configured depending upon your desires. Furthermore, we will bring an in-house Chef, House-Keeping and other support staff. Everything is possible.

We can tap into third party holistic medical and physical therapy treatments, through our established relationships across the Island.

We have access to world class Addiction Therapists in addition to the most qualified recovery coaches and sober companions, available due to our extensive and experienced network of practitioners available to us. Whenever needed we can also set up a high-quality security team around our guests and have access to armed security if required.

Our team our here to help, call us now to see how we can help someone you care about.

Your alcohol or drug issues do not define you. They can be overcome.

From your arrival at Phuket International Airport, to the time you leave us to walk your new path and beyond, you’ll feel understood, supported and safe. We meet you wherever you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, etc, making no assumptions and without judgment – after all, we’ve come from the same place as you – all of our Addiction Therapists, Sober Companions and Recovery Coaches, alongside our Management team are in personal Recovery themselves.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals works with you to design your own individualised treatment plan that will significantly increase your chances for towards permanent recovery and lifelong success—awakening your mind, body and spirit.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, suffering from addictive disease or substance abuse, or believe that your behavioural health could benefit from some intensive life changes, then please reach out today.

About Us

Platinum in Phuket has evolved after the Founder of Sober Services relocated here for some previous assignments and fell in love with the Thai people and culture, realising just how conducive they are towards the Recovery principles, and seeing the opportunities that Phuket has as a global destination offering 1st World services in South East Asia. We have successfully been creating such bespoke Rehab programs around the world since 2008, although after getting to know the Island, which is already recognised as a mecca for Health and Wellness and has the perfect infrastructure to support our ambitions, we have focused on delivering Platinum’s unique treatment opportunities here.

As a company we want to offer individual programs for guests who for whatever reason prefer not to attend a public facing treatment centre, and who prefer the discretion that the Platinum Rehab can offer.

Offering this kind of services makes it possible to have a 100% focus on the individual’s needs. There is no better model of treatment that money can buy.

Why Choose Us?

We offer treatment that respects your privacy and your position while customising a treatment plan that’s unique to you, surrounded by beauty, tranquillity and compassion.

  1. Privacy and security. The stigma associated with treatment is unfortunate, but it is real. Your business partners, colleagues, employees, friends and even family do not need to know where you are. Your job is to regain the life alcohol or drugs has taken from you, without worrying about the repercussions. Trust that you are safe and secure here at Platinum.

  2. Our focus is you and only you. Many people may wish to seek treatment but suffer from social anxieties that can keep them from seeking help in a group setting or from traditional rehab centres. Platinum is your peaceful sanctuary away from the chaos of daily life. You benefit from a customised, one-on-one treatment plan.

  3. A proven, holistic approach. At Platinum, our unique approach is grounded in mind, body and spirit. Together, we dig deep into the underlying causes of your condition and work hard to address your issues. We focus on your physical, mental and spiritual state through a combination of exercise, diet and mindfulness techniques, leaving you whole, hopeful and renewed.

  4. First class accommodations. Platinum is not your traditional rehab — no bunk beds or sparsely furnished rooms. We offer the level of luxury you’re accustomed to, so you can focus on you. If you desire a secluded cabin retreat or a majestic yacht, our priority is your comfort. Whether you’re focused on your daily work, or engaging in one of our off-site experiences, or simply relaxing by the pool, you’ll feel like you’re in a restive and peaceful supportive environment.

  5. Long term solutions. Your journey begins here, but eventually you will have to return to your home life. This transition can be a difficult one but rest assured that you’ll be armed with the tools and techniques you need to succeed. These solutions can help you to get through a day without reverting to your former habits or giving into your addiction and provide options if you experience a setback or a temptation. Our goal is to give you practical, long term solutions designed to prevent relapse and sustain your recovery.

These are just a few of the many reasons Platinum is your ideal treatment destination. We’re confident you’ll experience recovery, restoration and healing in a serene and peaceful environment with a team you can trust.

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