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(PARC) In Paradise of Phuket

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In the beautiful island of Phuket, Southern Thailand, situated with glorious sea views and world class beaches, we present our first Rehab for addictions and associated disorders.

Accommodated in a huge Thai private villa with its own swimming pool and lush green surroundings, high into the rainforest mountain over looking the Kathu Valley, affording you the opportunity to truly focus on your challenges with the support of highly experienced and trained staff, 24/7.

In the spirit of cooperation, Sober Services is delighted to be connected to this discrete and comfortable Residential Rehab in Phuket, Thailand. Created by the Founder of Sober Services, Ian Young says “We’ve created a truly immersive 12 step Minnesota model Recovery Clinic here in beautiful Phuket, Thailand, where our residents can have the full confidentiality and escapism they desire, whilst being engaged in very intense treatment programme that will shift our guests into long lasting recovery. We’re very proud of the sanctuary we’ve created here.”

Note: Sober Services is affiliated with this Rehab because of the involvement of Ian Young, who founded both companies, but we also have connections to a great many other Residential Rehabs all over the world, and will always recommend a centre that best served to your specific requirements.

Our team are here to help. Call us now +66 626 418 369 or click the button above for more options. We care and we want to help.

The PARC Program

The PARC delivers a strong 12 Step treatment program that’s proven to be highly effective in helping people with addictive disease, dependencies and other related behavioural problems. The 12 Step Program of treatment has been working for people struggling with alcoholism and then later, other substance addictions and behaviours, since 1935. Its power is in its simplicity.

The PARC program is structured, focused and intense. The days consist of a variety of 12 step talking Therapy sessions, 1 to 1 Counselling and Recovery Coaching, also using Solution Focused Motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other therapeutic modalities depending upon how the resident responds and the particular staff member’s expertise.

The therapeutic work that you’ll engage in are targeted specifically at what our experience shows us really works best for you on a case by case basis. Our Therapeutic team come from European and North American training bodies and will channel the direction of the therapy and the journey you’ll go through, based upon your own past experiences and specific needs, including Trauma Treatment as required.

The PARC sees many clients who co present with trauma as part of their story into or during addiction. We’re fully ready to serve this level of complexity. This truly is a bespoke programme aimed at pushing you through your challenges and freeing you up to live your life on your terms for your great and healthy future. By mastering your emotional state you’ll be able to make better choices going forwards and avoid the pitfalls of returning to alcohol or drugs or other addictive patterns.

The PARC uses the 12 Step Programme as a template for your journey into permanent recovery, as this has been proven to be a successful model of treatment for addictions and depression for over 85 years now. However, over the years different programmes have incorporated different levels of attention to this process with various results. We take this part of your treatment seriously and will show you the benefits of it in simple and straight-talking English, without leaning upon the original dogma associated with it, but giving it a modern and more realistic understanding for someone living in today’s world.

The PARC believes that looking back on the past through therapy, and having goals and desires for the future, to be the best balance for your opportunity of permanent recovery. This aspect of creating a model of your future in your mind will act like a ship sailing towards the desired direction at all times. It’s an important aspect of a successful recovery journey to have a desired direction to move towards.

The PARC Yoga Rooftop

Everyone participates in Movement Therapy (PT – physical training, gym, swimming, Yoga, etc) – either to lose weight, gain muscle, build cardio or attain their ideal body shape. Many of our residents have been neglecting their bodies whilst in the grips of their addiction / dependency and we passionately believe in the restoration of the physical self, alongside the mind and the spirit. The benefits of feeling good about yourself because you’ve improved your physical shape are hugely significant in recovery.

The PARC pays close attention to diet and nutrition consumed during our 3 daily meals, in a further effort to move our residents towards health and wellness. We have thought carefully about how best to serve you in this aspect. We have found that a Thai diet is particularly useful towards weight loss and creating energy for exercise, although we will endeavour to cater for whatever diet you prefer, including all dietary restrictions. Because we are by the sea, there are plenty of Fish and Sea Food options in Phuket, but also Western style foods are in abundance too.


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