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Sober Companion

You can hire a Sober Companion or Sober Bodyguard, for a day, a week, or for as long as it takes, and BOTH are targeted on complete abstinence.

Sober Companion works with a client who is willing to engage and actively participated in their recovery. A Sober Bodyguard is there to keep the person sober and drug free no matter what, even if they don’t want to be.

A Sober Companion works with a willing client, whereas the Sober Bodyguard works with an unwilling one. Sober Services are uniquely experienced to provide gender specific staff for both of these scenarios. When you engage us for our Sober Companions Services, you have absolute peace of mind that the person under our care is actively and positively working on their recovery. We use all the tools and techniques available to us to make sure that their recovery is not only on track, but also being actively reinforced and growing stronger on a daily basis.

Sober Body Guard

Operated like a discreet bodyguard whose duties are to ensure that whenever a situation with alcohol (or drugs) presents itself, we will preserver our client's Safety, maintaining their recovery and helping them to make the right choices.

Progress After Rehab

After treatment clients often are unable to maintain their progress during their first few days outside of treatment. This return to home and work environments can be a difficult transition. That is why we provide encouragement and companionship during this crucial time.

Tailored For You

We match up your exact requirements with a trained Companion who can use various different tools from many different models of training to prevent a relapse.

Any Occasion

Sober Companions or Sober Bodyguards can be employed in any situation from any type of meeting or engagement such as seminar, award ceremony, visits to a lawyer, hospital appointments, family affairs, weddings etc

Fully Trained

The Sober Companions or Sober Bodyguards are trained to diffuse the anxiety that accompanies new sobriety. They are usually sober and drug free themselves, so they can present a role model and healthy conversation.

Our Only Goal

Our only Goal is to deliver you or your client safely without any further unnecessary alcohol or substance use.

Staying Sober - With a Little Help From My Companion

” Hiring a sober worker offers a tough-love approach to beat drink and drug addiction “

– The Daily Telegraph

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EARS European Association of Recovery Specialists

European Association of Recovery Specialists

Sober Services is proud to be recognised as part of EARS – the European Association of Recovery Specialists, for Interventionists, Recovery Coaches & Sober Companions. We’ve worked hard to achieve this membership, which includes our accreditation and insurance, as well as offering us the opportunity to network and discover the best practices with other Practitioners across Europe and beyond.

Association of Intervention Specialists

Association of Intervention Specialists

The Association of Intervention Specialists  is a network of professional interventionists across the world. Interventionists guide families and friends, business executives, and others through the intervention process to urge the family and addicted person to accept help. All full members are Certified Intervention Professionals exceeding educational and performance standards.

Code of Ethics: All AIS members adhere to the AIS code of ethics. The code preserves compliance with legal and ethical standards, and safeguards AIS member’s clients. 


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Treatment Advice

We offer independent and unbiased help choosing which residential rehabilitation centers or detoxification clinics are the most appropriate. Speaking with one of our expert alcohol counselling and drug counselling staff, in total confidence is the first step on the road to a solution. We take the time to understand you and your situation to give you the best advice possible.

Sober Intervention

Interventions have been successfully used by Sober Services since 2008 to confront and address serious personal problems, including alcoholism, compulsive gambling, drug addictions, substance abuse including prescription pill dependancy, compulsive eating and other eating disorders, self harm, and other behavioural health conditions.