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12 Step Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous UK

Alcoholics Anonymous Europe

Cocaine Anonymous UK

Cocaine Anonymous World Services

Narcotics Anonymous UK

Narcotics Anonymous World Services

AlAnon – for the family and friends of Alcoholics

Families Anonymous – for the family and friends of Addicts

Other Free Resources 

The Samaritans

Alcohol Concern



Letting The Light In (a Blog written by the Mother of an active Addict)

Addiction Treatment friendly websites

A.I.S ~ Association of Interventionist Specialists

DB Recovery Resources

Drink & Drug News

Other Sober Services Team member Projects’

Ian Young’s personal website outlining all his activities

Dr. Robert Lefever’s Website and Blogs

Dr. Dominique Dock’s TEDx “Looking for love in the bottom of a bottle”

N.B. Sober Services has links and ties to detoxification centres and rehabilitation centres around the world. In the interests of non discrimination between any of our partners and our future potential partners, we choose not to offer links to any of them. If you represent a facility that wishes to engage our services, please contact us directly.

Further Links:

Ian Young & Sukhi Wahiwala discuss Alcohol and Drug use within the Sikh Community on Sikh TV