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Rehabilitation Centers & Detoxification Clinics 

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Rehabilitation Centers & Detoxification Clinics

We offer independent and unbiased help in choosing which residential rehabilitation centers or detoxification clinics are the most appropriate for you based on your individual requirements.

We will assess your specific situation and make a recommendation based upon your particular circumstances, drink or drug of choice, proposed length of stay, location, budget, and required comfort (to mention a few) making sure the minimum amount of stress is put upon the client, the family, the office or the admission process

Our team our here to help, call us now to see how we can help someone you care about.


The Parc Phuket

In the beautiful island of Phuket, Southern Thailand, situated with glorious sea views and world class beaches, we present our first Rehab for addictions and associated disorders.

Thailand Phuket Addiction Recovery Villa View

Platinum In Phuket

Platinum is an Individualised person centered and carefully considered Care Program, based upon your specific requirements and budget, where we select a beautiful villa for you to live and experience your full recovery program.

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Sober Rehab Prices

Thailand Phuket Addiction Recovery Villa Bedroom 1

Our prices for Treatment are always in USD$ :

Deluxe room with King Sized bed, en-suite, private balcony with refreshing views of the lush RainForest hillside, Smart TV (Netflix, etc), Daily housekeeping, Laundry, etc:
$10,000 for 28 days Minimum Stay
$18,000 for 2 Months Most Popular
$26,000 for the 12 week Signature Program

Please note, that due to Thai Tax Law, we must add an additional 7% to the price. We apologise for this in advance, however it is law in Thailand. 

Please note, most residents come for 2 months. This is our most popular length of program, though often residents extend for the full 12 weeks.

These prices are all inclusive of the full board and lodging and external excursions, aside from personal items, snacks, cigarettes, etc.

Everyone receives a visit from the Doctor upon their arrival, for a medical evaluation and all Detox medication is included in the price.

Our terms include Payment in full (minimum 28 days) as standard, prior to your departure transport to Thailand.
The reduced rate for the 2 Months or the 12 Week package is only available if purchased prior to arrival at The PARC.

Should you wish to reserve a bed for a future date (over one week ahead), then a 40% non-refundable deposit of the first 28 days is required to guarantee your reservation.

We are able to send you an invoice for Bank Transfer of funds as soon as you’re ready to commit. A bed date can be reserved once we’ve received proof of payment via email.

All fees are net so any additional bank or processing charges for payment transactions are to be paid by the client. 7% VAT Thai government tax is included in your fees but a 3% credit card charge is applicable for any fees paid by credit card within Thailand.

We strongly recommend the 12-week programme as it really does give your mind and body the proper chance to learn new behaviours and pastimes, and really does set you up with the very best opportunities for your future. We believe permanent Recovery is easily achieved through the 12 week program.

Our programme is largely all inclusive aside from any medical (including detoxification) costs, and some ‘off the books” extra excursions activity choices (Yacht Sailing, PADI Diving Training, etc)

We can arrange for a full blood analysis and health check up with a local high-grade facility (used by Premiership Football teams, Grand Slam Tennis players, etc) at an extra cost.

Your addiction challenges do not define you and you can recover. We know this as many of our staff and all the Senior Staff, including the directors are in personal Recovery themselves for at least 15 years.

From the very first contact with you, to the time you leave us to return to your home, family, friends and colleagues, you’ll feel understood, supported and safe. We meet you wherever you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, etc, making no assumptions and without judgment – after all, we’ve come from the same place as you, and we’re living proof you can recover.

Our team are here to help. Call us directly on +66 626 418 369 or use the button above for other options. We care. We can help. We are living proof we have a solution that works. It really does.


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