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Residential Detox is a starting point for most people. Before they can engage in any significant treatment for their substance challenges, such as alcohol, heroin, fentanyl, benzodiazepines, etc) they must first get to a point of abstinence from their dependancy.

The best and safest way to achieve this is in a residential detox facility, away from home, where normal patterns and distractions can be avoided. 

Most Residential Rehabs (not all) have a detoxification service as part of their rehab process. We can help advise on this and assist you in choosing the most suitable centre for your requirements.

With over 15 years experience, since 2003, we have been visiting and assessing all the centres we work with so we can understand the real experience of being there. So once we know your specific requirements we can get you into the best fit for you and your budget.

Our team our here to help, call us now to see how we can help someone you care about.

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Sober Transportation

We also offer Sober Transportation from anywhere in the world for individuals considered at risk to travel by themselves. Our professionals are trained to deliver clients pre, post and during treatment to their destinations.

Sober Intervention

An intervention is the first step towards addiction recovery. It is particularly relevant for inducing willingness to change in your loved one who may be resistant to accepting help treatment, detox, or rehab.


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EARS European Association of Recovery Specialists

European Association of Recovery Specialists

Sober Services is proud to be recognised as part of EARS – the European Association of Recovery Specialists, for Interventionists, Recovery Coaches & Sober Companions. We’ve worked hard to achieve this membership, which includes our accreditation and insurance, as well as offering us the opportunity to network and discover the best practices with other Practitioners across Europe and beyond.

Association of Intervention Specialists

Association of Intervention Specialists

The Association of Intervention Specialists  is a network of professional interventionists across the world. Interventionists guide families and friends, business executives, and others through the intervention process to urge the family and addicted person to accept help. All full members are Certified Intervention Professionals exceeding educational and performance standards.

Code of Ethics: All AIS members adhere to the AIS code of ethics. The code preserves compliance with legal and ethical standards, and safeguards AIS member’s clients.