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Is legalising sale of alcohol in South Africa’s schools a good idea?

Alcohol Schools

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Sober Intervention

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What to look for in a Sober Companion

7 Essential things to look for in a Sober Companion

When we meet with families and concerned parties, one of the questions we ask is “What would be your very best possible outcome for your loved one or colleague?”

7 Proven Steps to Permanent Happy & Healthy Addiction

7 Proven Steps to Permanent Happy & Health Addiction

1) Positive Rewards and Negative Consequences 2) Frequent Random Drug Tests 3) Abstinence based therapeutic Programmes 4) Recovery based Role Models, Recovery Sponsors (Mentors), Sober Coaches (AKA Recovery Coaches) and a safe Community of fellow Recovering friends. 5) Modified Lifestyles – Change! 6) Active and sustained monitoring – accountability 7) Regular counter balance of relapse […]

Sober Intervention & the 3 Core Components

Sober Intervention & the 3 Core Components

The planned process of confrontation by people who are important to the addict. Its purpose is to allow the addict to see the destructive nature of their addiction on the people they love. The result of a Sober Intervention? Right there, right then, we’ll see the real person that you previously knew and momentarily they’ll […]

How to give tough love to a drug addict

Helping an Addict with Tough love

The sooner you realise that it’s never going to go back to the way it was, the sooner you can move forwards. Understand that your loved one will always remain active in their addiction while you continue to permit them to have it. There is very little hope for them to change, if you’re not […]

Codependency and being an enabler

Codependency and being and enabler

Codependence – a person is “addicted to the addict”; they assume responsibility for meeting the addict’s need and neglect their own Enablers – people who knowingly or unknowingly protect addicts from the natural consequences of their actions “when you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil” – max […]

Angry addict or pleased addict

Angry addict or please addict

If the Addict is pleased with the help you’ve given them, you’re probably enabling them. If the Addict becomes angry, agitated or restless with the help you’re giving them, then you’re probably helping them beyond how you can ever imagine.