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Talk Business – Concerns business owners might have with employing someone who had an addiction to drugs and alcohol

Talk Business

Talk Business Article – Published 21/09/2016

Concerns business owners might have with employing someone who had an addiction to drugs and alcohol



Unfortunately, there is a great deal of negative connotation and stigma associated with the word ‘addict’. However, when you prefix it with the word ‘recovering’ it takes on a whole new meaning. One of positivity, integrity and hope.

Hopefully this article will dispel many common negative beliefs of employing a once using addict and open up a world of new talent to UK industry that was once seen as a no go area.

Some of the most common fears of employing a recovering addict.

  1. Unreliable / poor timekeeping
  2. Possible relapse
  3. Theft
  4. Bad attitude
  5. Absenteeism
  6. Anger / violence
  7. Drug / alcohol use at work
  8. Do we have the resource to deal with a recovering addict?

I would imagine these are some of the concerns that business owners might have when considering employing someone who has been addicted to drugs and alcohol, all of which are valid concerns, right?

Yes, however – people that are recovering from active addiction have made a decision to change their lives for the better and are generally very grateful for the opportunity to work and demonstrate their worth. Most addicts are talented, creative individuals who have a great deal to offer employees given the chance. You will find those who are serious about their recovery will be an extremely loyal employee who is willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

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Sober Companion

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Residential Rehab

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Residential Detox

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Sober Coaching Home Study

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