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The Recovery Journal – 10 tips for quitting drinking and surviving the holidays

By Ian Young. The founder of and and is the treatment director of in Thailand The extended holiday season can be a difficult and testing time for people in early recovery. Here are some suggestions that will make the trial of maintaining your new-found recovery that much easier over the Christmas holidays […]

Cosmopolitan June 2017 – The woman who helps the mega-rich get clean

Cosmopolitan cover - June 2017

From Cosmopolitan “The woman who helps the mega-rich get clean”- June 2017 “Vodka disguised as mouthwash, hard drugs stashed in the toes of £600 shoes and boutique fitness addicts killing themselves to get lean… all in a day’s work for an at-home ‘sober nurse’. Cosmopolitan steps inside her world” Here Charlotte Williams story as she […]

Cycling Plus – New Year New You – Tips to help reduce your drinking

If you’re looking to get lean, restricting your alcohol intake could get you there faster. One US study found that drinking just 24g of alcohol – less than two pints – reduced the body’s fat-burning ability by 73 per cent. Even when it’s swilling around in your system alcohol skews the water balance in your […]

Prima – How to cut down your alcohol


Jonathan Edgeley, addiction consultant at Sober Services, reveals the tried-and-tested techniques you can start using now. Identify your reason for quitting – Your reason for giving up will become your prime motivation and a point of reference when the going gets tough. Choose an image as motivation and have it as your screensaver and have […]

Womens Fitness ‘Go Dry for January’ – February 2017


From Womens Fitness “Go Dry for January”- February 2017 “Keeping busy in the evening will reduce boredom and also the time you have to drink so you’re much less likely to do it’. Jonathan Edgeley addiction consultant at Sober Services, recommends replacement therapy, too. ‘You can also add an enjoyable food into your diet to […]

Retox Time to Try Mindful Drinking: How to swap hangovers for more happy hours


Jonathan Edgeley – Addiction Consultant at Sober Services give tips on keeping dry: ‘… KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE Jonathan says that identifying and then focusing on your motivation to be a better drinker is the key to more mindful partying and will help you sleep, look and feel better when the New Year […]

Seeing the signs by Ian Young – The Best You Magazine.

How can you spot the signs whether a loved one is an alcoholic or addict? There are certain characteristics that can be assumed for someone that is addicted or severely dependent. Ian Young, addictions consultant and founder of Sober Services, discusses these There are three different aspects of addictive behaviour: Being unable to control consumption […]

Alloa Advertiser – Organisation helping to beat gambling addictions

Published on 21st September 2016 in Alloa Advertiser     SOBER Services is highlighting the reality of gambling addiction following the BBC Panorama investigation into fixed odds betting terminals. The organisation aims to help individuals attain and maintain permanent recovery from a range of addictions and is offering support in facing the problem with the […]

Looking For Love In The Bottom Of A Bottle


Dr. Dominique Dock, M.D., General Practitioner is the Medical Director for Sober Services, helping clients to overcome addictions, to alcohol, smoking and other drugs. In his sporting career, Dominique has won two French cross-country skiing trophies and participated in marathons and long-distance skiing events in Europe. He climbed Mont-Blanc (4810m) Kilimanjaro (5895m) and the Gasherbrum […]