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What to look for in a Sober Companion

7 Essential things to look for in a Sober Companion

When we meet with families and concerned parties, one of the questions we ask is “What would be your very best possible outcome for your loved one or colleague?”

Getting The Right Help To Overcome Drug Or Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction can ruin lives, and affect not only the person with the addiction, but also their family and friends. Knowing someone close to you has a serious problem with drugs can be soul destroying, particularly when you feel helpless, but getting the right help for your family member or friend can help […]

Tough Love Tactics for Addicts

Using “Tough Love” tactics to help treat Addiction In a world moving closer to nurture and farther away from nature, concepts like unconditional love are being shelved and replaced with things like “tough love”, with most addiction therapists, counsellors and practitioners proclaiming expressing that the former “unconditional love” model just doesn’t work. This is because […]

The Value of Abstinence-Based Recovery from Alcohol and Narcotic Addiction

Addiction comes in many forms and plagues millions of people around the globe. For the purpose of this article we’ll be focusing on substance misuse and abuse, better known as drugs and alcohol addiction. Mood altering substance addictions such as heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and a slew of other intoxicating substances deliver an effect to the […]

Bubble-Gum Spirituality

I am a recovered Drug addict and alcoholic, who has used, amongst other tools, the 12 Step Programme of Recovery to maintain a new and completely drug and alcohol free life since March 16th 2001. But my life and my emotional sobriety has also been heavily rewarded by some of the many different positive lifestyle […]

Legal Highs to be tested for a year

  Yesterday the news was reporting that new legislation was being drafted to allow all “Legal Highs” to be banned for their first 12 months of introduction into the United Kingdom The idea behind this would be to allow authorities (Scientists presumably) a year to thoroughly test the drugs before permitting them a licence […]