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I’m in an airport-serving Hotel next to LAX for the next week.

Despite the weather being gorgeous outside, I’m not going to be out sunbathing.

Despite the Hotel having a Swimming Pool, I won’t get the chance to go swimming.

No Venice Beach. No Hollywood Boulevard. No Chinese Kodak Theatre. No Rodeo Drive / Melrose Avenue. No Santa Monica Pier. No Disney Land / Universal Studios. Etc.

In fact, despite being in a beautiful and interesting part of the world, I’ll be stuck inside a hotel doing non-tourist things.

This week is the Annual Conference for a Non-Profit organisation that I volunteer / contribute / am of service too. This organisation helps other people with Addictions to find a way to recover.

For the past 6 years I have attended this event, and had the honour to represent the UK members – with voting rights, for the past 4 years of a 4 year term. This is my last year.

This Conference is the place where elected Delegates from around the world come to discuss and design better way’s that we we may be able to carry our message to those seeking addiction help, and the future business of our expanding charity. It is held over 6 days and I’ll be unlikely to get more than 6 hours sleep on any night.

It’s intense and sometimes heated, often leading to debate with split sides.

However, its one of the most beautiful and inspiring experiences I get the honour to participate in.

Seeing and hanging out with other like-minded and passionate people is always an inspiring experience, but here we get so many of us in one room that the energy becomes celebratory.

We get to perform the business of this charity in a great environment with an atmosphere of love, unity and selfless contribution.

And this is the most important part about what we do, or rather why we do it.

You see addiction exposes itself most clearly inside us through our selfishness and through our self-centredness.

Active within our addiction, we believe the whole world must revolve around our own needs or requirements. That the only things that matter are ourselves.  The complete opposite of the selfless behaviour and dedication shown by the Delegates from around the world to offer their spare time and holiday break to such a Fellowship whose sole purpose is to help other addicts find recovery.

So, despite the very long days starting before 8am and finishing around midnight (at the earliest), and eating mostly junk or fast food,, very irregularly, this conference is one of such companionship that I fill my soul with energy and aspirations for the future – not just for myself, but more importantly, for the Fellowship that I have the privilege of serving.

And serve it I shall – with pride.

Treatment Advice

We offer independent and unbiased help choosing which residential rehabilitation centers or detoxification clinics are the most appropriate. Speaking with one of our expert alcohol counselling and drug counselling staff, in total confidence is the first step on the road to a solution. We take the time to understand you and your situation to give you the best advice possible.

Sober Intervention

Interventions have been successfully used by Sober Services since 2008 to confront and address serious personal problems, including alcoholism, compulsive gambling, drug addictions, substance abuse including prescription pill dependancy, compulsive eating and other eating disorders, self harm, and other behavioural health conditions.

Sober Transportation

We also offer Sober Transportation from anywhere in the world for individuals considered at risk to travel by themselves.

Sober Companion

Sober Companion

When you engage us for our Sober Companions Services, you have absolute peace of mind that the person under our care is actively and positively working on their recovery.

Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Are you confused and worried about the options for you, or your loved one?

Speaking with one of our expert alcohol counseling and drug counseling staff, in total confidence is the FIRST step on the road to a solution.

Alcohol Schools

Rehab Recovery Rescue

Our Rehab Recovery Rescue experts can be anywhere in Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe within 24 hours to pick people up and get them to the help they need.

Residential Rehab

Residential Rehab

Getting the right rehab centre is all about understanding all your needs and requirements ahead of time, with over 10 years experience let us help you find the right one for you

Residential Detox

Residential Detox

We vet and test all the centres we work with so we can understand the real experience of being there, so once we know your requirements we know we can get you to the right one.

Sober Coaching One-on-One

A Sober Coach is someone trained and interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery by serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking, or in recovery.

Sober Coaching Home Study

Sober Coaching Home Study

A Home Study kit that takes you through the 7 stages to successfully recover from your substance addiction in the comfort of your own home.