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Cocaine Chloe from X-Factor



Like many other people in the UK at this time, I find myself watching X-factor (normally on recorded TV to miss the adverts) snuggled up on the sofa with the wife. If I’m honest, its all her fault that I’m drawn into the madness that is basically a karaoke show, albeit with excellent production and marketing. Actually, I really enjoy it (though I prefer Britain’s got Talent).

So me being me, I’ve been following the progress of Chloe who was dropped from the selection last night during book camp in Wembley Arena.

Sadly, the press being the press, they seem far more interested in Chloe’s fall from grace, than they do praising the winners as they progress to the next round

For some reason, the tabloids seem really upset that a contestant on the X-Factor sell’s her body (allegedly), takes drugs (allegedly) and enjoys partying (allegedly). Assuming all this is true, well then Chloe presents herself as someone appearing to believe she’s living the dream.

Meanwhile, we’re told that she wants to turn her life around and ought to be given a chance.

Now I’m all for giving out chances for people to mend their behaviors and change their ways, but I’m afraid for Chloe this is going to more difficult than simply not using or partying anymore. You see she has experienced a life that she truly enjoys, and speaking from experience, this type of lifestyle is really enjoyable… for a while.

And I’m afraid that time for change hasn’t arisen yet for young Chloe.

She still has a lot further to travel before she is actually ready to turn a corner and change her life. She is still living her dream – I mean look – she’s just received no end of attention for being on the X-Factor and I suspect she’s really enjoyed the attention and the opportunities to speak about herself.

Because that’s my point.

Chloe is still a young woman for whom the world revolves around her – she believes that it’s all about her. She’s nowhere near ready to consider that the world may not be about her, and she certainly isn’t ready to concede that her lifestyle isn’t fulfilling and highly amusing.

Unfortunately, this is a very immature girl who hasn’t learnt that sometimes it’s better not to say anything as she continues to dig herself a deeper hole.

She reminds me of Jade Goody.

Jade was someone who didn’t know when to shut-up, but to her credit she did learn. And she also learnt how to use her fame and fortune to build a better world for her family, friends and those less fortunate.

I’m not sure that Chloe would be able to do that if she were given the opportunity.

I believe that until she under goes some serious life changing experiences of the more humbling types that her destiny is to continue fixing herself through short time pleasures such as drugs, parties and men.

Sadly and very unfortunately.

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