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The real message behind legalised shooting galleries

A Young Addict

Brighton plans safe rooms for addicts to inject drugs  In the Guardian last week and across the news recently was the story about how Brighton is to become the first British city to offer official “drug consumption rooms”. I’m not going to get too involved in the story as to whether it’s a good thing […]

People with drug problems need health care, not prison

18th July 2011 “People with drug problems need health care, not prison.” Sir Richard Branson 17th June 2011 So last week the news broke that a large number of high profile people were backing a new initiative calling for a different approach to the war on drugs, suggesting it to be a health problem and […]

Legal Highs to be tested for a year

  Yesterday the news was reporting that new legislation was being drafted to allow all “Legal Highs” to be banned for their first 12 months of introduction into the United Kingdom The idea behind this would be to allow authorities (Scientists presumably) a year to thoroughly test the drugs before permitting them a licence […]

Changing the Drug Laws

  Yesterday, the news across the UK was partly taken up with a top Doctor – Sir Ian Gilmore, from the Royal College of Physicians calling for a drug law review and towards decriminalising controlled substances, thus drastically reducing crime (obviously) and improving health (possibly). I’m not too sure where I stand on the […]